Sunday, 26 June 2011

And so it begins....

Hello or maybe salut! This is post numero un of hopefully many during my wild french adventure away from home. I'm currently sitting in a hotel room and thinking back to the last amazing 36 hours spent with my boyfriend in Toronto, and debating the choices on the "Italian fusion" (translation: pizza and pasta randomness) room service menu.

Love seat!
So I'll tell you a secret. Toronto... it's kinda amazing. In a smelly-diverse-interesting-exciting-authentic-loud-own it kinda way. Come if you can one day, its similar to Vancouver but more get out of my way I am walking here. The boyfriend took me on a date day that included the  Art Gallery of Ontario, a walk through U of T ( maybe I want a degree in Art History from here one day.... when I'm retired lol), a stop at the wonderful Nadege Pastisserie.( a taste of the great European things to come, but found here in my own home of Canada, definitely someplace I could want to work one day) Italian food down by the water and a movie ( Fast Five) I advise you to steer clear of the movie  unless you enjoy yourself some Vin Diesel trying to act and improbable stunts. The movie theatre was adorably old, with a balcony and these love seats for two. (giggle, giggle) although we opted out for comfier seats on the main level. Just an all around awesome day spent with the Swede ( a.k.a the bf) Can't wait to see him again in two and a half months. I think that might be my The More You Know Moment of this post: *Long Distance Sucks*  Its hurts to be away from people you love. BUT this opportunity is once in a life time and I am above and beyond grateful for it. France I'm coming FOR YA!